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- Do not you have bruises left?

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- Stay, Sir.

- Something is not visible?
- I has covered their makeup.
- Well, you creature, crawling on their bellies to the bathroom to wash and back as well!

It was fun to look at these crawling. She came back and stopped lying.
- Stand up, spread your legs, hands behind his head. – Chest looked good, compared with the perineum.

Nipples swollen but not particularly stand out. But labia.

They were red-purple, swollen and bulging.
- Does it hurt? – I pressed a hand to her lips.
- Yes, Sir.

- And what kind of punishment you currently up?
- Sir, I want you in my mouth tied to could not hear my cries, and whipped my ass with this. – She nodded toward the wall, and there on the chair I saw hanging telephone wire.

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