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So beautiful girl with whom you just met a few hours ago, sucks your dick unwashed, feeling all your secret smell and taste, do not know how anyone but I’m excited more and I shot her in the mouth with his sperm. I finished a lot and Ira swallow all failed, some drops fell on her neck and chest.

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She gently rubbed his palm remnants of sperm in their skin.
- Class, – she said, winked at me and laughed and laughed – now I’ll wait for me – she stood up.

- Where are you – - I asked.
- I need to freshen up – she said,
- You’re all right.
- How do you say.
- What’s the matter? – I asked.

- I need a shave
- Where?
- Everywhere.
- Lets show – I grabbed her up and put on the bed.
- Why do you – she struggled weakly.

- Show – I felt that my penis is filled with new vigor.
- Well, look – Ira Pull his pants and sat on the bed with his hands and head.

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