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- No need to be so nervous, dear lady – again with a smile said Martha, rubbing his right hand.

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Marina and Lena were just astounded by everything happening, especially amazed by the agility and training Martha. Martha said something Shulke and she raised her, did not resist her and led her to a pole standing in the middle of the room.

She tied to a pole Luda back, hands behind your post, and both legs ankles pulled to the post.
- Well, calm down, Frau Savostina? – Asked with a smile earlier in March.

- Bay, torture me bitch, not lybsya like a whore! – Yelled Luda
- Well, you Frau Savostina you’ve already insulted many times, although you and I did not say a bad word – March continued to smile.
- And we have decided to punish abuse – continued in March, the same mocking smile – for such insults can get hundreds of batons on the soles.

- I spit on your punishment! – Luda screaming – you bitch and bitch! Ipad nude chat.

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