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I’m a little scared, but I said I would want to try and

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- Then went Yura said and led me into the locker room

I will not describe in detail, what, where and how I worked hard Jura because this story can read minors or people with a sick mentality (no joke), but the effect was just fabulous. Muscles grow by leaps and bounds.

I would be very happy until the evening while on the way home did not speak with Wit, he asked me:
- You’re taking refueling?
- Yes, I Tip
- And on the cost of the Contract for you Yurtsom already?

- No, not yet, he said that I can then give
- Then can be more expensive
- Why, I asked
- Talk to him yourself, then learn
I hike in the next rocking Yurtsu approached and asked:
- How much do I owe you for the “Upload”
- 10
- What is 10?

- 10 blowjob or 5 Trahov
- You know, I do not want to pull your money, make you steal from parents or somewhere else.


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